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    Trying to plane some solo offlane atm
    My mid-late game are fine but my laning kinda always fails hard

    How can I avoid early game deaths as a solo offlaner?
    Advice from high mmr is appreciated


      Ah I'd like to give advice but my mmr is low. Good day


        play io offlane. relocate when in trouble.


          Well it always depends on the picks on the lane. if u can stay on the lane with your pick vs their lane line up .. if u cant handle the lane whatso ever u go jungle until their supports rotate or their creeps get to ur tower so u can easily get xp and so on and not give total freefarm to their carry ... if u can rape the lane u stay on it and rape it .. its kinda that simple but not easy.. u have to try and usually counter their carry pick and one of the supports the more u counter the easier ur lane willl be .. for example if they have 2 meleee on the lane and the other supp is also melee and they have no way to deal with darkseer ion shell .. going for that pick would ensure u an ez offlane and maybe the win coz ur annoyiing the fuck out of their freefarm carry. always remember tho if u have a ganking potential offlaner with an ult like clockwork as soon as u hit 6 id gank their midlaner and coz havoc across the map so their supports rotate and u can go back to some farming on the lane coz carry would be pushing and u can even try to kill their carry after when supports are still away. going to gank is another way to ensure gold and less death on lane and more kills for ur team.. theirs more to it but this is it in a nutshhell and u can build on what i told u from experience


            play io offlane. relocate when in trouble.

            Yeah, luckly you are granted lvl 6 as soon as you enter the lane.


              How do die less in offlane? don't feed and GITGUD

              You need to pick the right hero for your offlane. The key to the offlane is to be tanky or have an escape meck. If you are lucky you can pick 3rd in your team with the Pos 4-5 going first. Based on that, you pick the best offlaner against their team. You should get a ward from the support, but if they don't, buy one yourself and a TP and right off the bat, tp to lane to drop ward on small camp high ground, it will protect you from rotations and block the camp. If they pull big camp, you can stay nearby for EZ xp. If you are really sneaky, you hang around the ward spot that is between the hard camp and lane too see if you can bait out the sentry. 50% of the time they drop it and find nothing.

              Abba, cent, axe, LC , clock , sk are all great offlaners, I personally love phenix offlane , great way to disrupt carry farm, with spirits you can trade hits with both carry and support and you have dive for escaping.

              In regards to TJAY's DS comment. the only melee that cucks you hard is jugger, he can iron talon and spin(his q) your double ion shell creeps. Remember, if they are commiting 3 heros to deal with you, and you don't die, thats a win. once sups rotate, you should be able to hopfully bully the hard carry.


                Play the right hero.
                Get good.

                BENNI MAGNUSSON

                  lane- get harrassed - jungle - creepwave pushed under tower- get the creeps- jungle


                    how do people even die in dota rofl just dont let ur hp drop to zero???


                      ^^^ advice of the month here folks.... He isn't wrong!!!

                      meteor hammer

                        heres some basic tricks

                        1. get in the supports head. know where they are. if they show in the mid lane ganking you know you're safe to play more aggro
                        2. buy a tp scroll early. count how many stuns they have. a lot of the time they go on u and stun fast, u can just tp away after stuns. especially 4ks will never save stuns to stop tp. 5ks its a 50/50 and higher than that they usually save 1 stun or stagger them so the first one comes off cd
                        3. know when to jungle. shitty supports will basically forget about you and abandon the lane if you stop showing. your mid wont be happy, but if ur a strong 1v1er like weaver you can really put the hurt on a lot of carries


                          I mean, I'm 1k less than you are so I don't know how useful this is. I've been spamming offlane lately. Still learning.

                          If it's a very hard lane to cs in, but can still stay alive, I ask my team if I can solo. Then I usually get more levels than the enemy carry (because they are usually babysat, and at my level, people rarely pull). I can finally start contesting for cs/denies when I'm a level or 2 above the carry, even if underfarmed.

                          If lane is impossible to stay in (I was a timber against silencer+necro once, literally the worst) you just jungle with a whole bunch of clarities. It sucks but it's better than feeding every minute to the enemy carry.

                          If enemy support is pulling, contest their pull. Or fake-contest, make it look like you're about to steal their pull, then just back or juke in the trees. Hopefully they (and the carry who's too far to reach you) will have wasted time trying to go on you.

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                          meteor hammer

                            ^ you can buy an iron talon on almost any offlaner and itll pay off in that situation also


                              @Bung, I just provided a TL:DR for your post. XD