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    first yyyyyyyyyyyyy


      No guide needed. Pick Grimstroke. Go mid. Gain MMR.


        high win rate on meepo because of smurfs and boosters xD


          ^this, if you think that an actual crusader plays that Meepo you are out of your mind.


            Well it is not about specific hero per MMR level, but the hero you are comfortable with. The hero you can connect all the spells to your playstyle. No matter how strong a player at your level is with one hero, if you do not connect to the hero emotionally, you cannot be successful with that. So the idea is to be able to emotionally connect with the hero. Then only you can play with optimum efficiency.

            spoiler kereta

              pretty sure that the meepos high % win rate is because of the boosters and the smurfers


                Meepo winrate is higher in crusaders or below is due to smurfs and boosters.


                  idk if anyone said that already but i actually have a feeling that meepos high winrate in low mmr games may be connected to the fact that boosters and smurfs often play the hero


                    Guys, guys. I've figured it out. Meepos win rate in low brackets is because of boosters and smurfs.


                      Boosters and smurfs cause high winrate on meepo..first to point this out by the article needed

                      I Report Feeders and Non-...

               look at this match. the meepo player clearly a booster.


                          I do believe that meepo's winrate being high is somehow connected with boosting and smurfs. I'm not really sure how tho. Can someone help me with figuring it out?


                            Meepo on crusader is only played by smurfer...


                              Папича , реально начальи пикать чаще.


                                Are venge, undying, silencer supports? ROFL. They are picked as carries on low mmr. Never seen smurf or booster on Meepo tho'. Super easy hero. Not suprised of his high WR.

                                Beastcrew Insania

                                  I went from 800 mmr to like 2500 by spamming viper, good for that lower tier push. Lane dominator and can go physical or magic dmg, (magic is my new fave (veil+ aghs + orchid))


                                    I've seen Meepo smurfs in the trench; that was nasty.

                                    Kibou no hana

                                      play hero u r comfortable with ? okay play AM first pick cz im comfortable with this one or okay pick AM next after TB and alche mid cz im comfortable with it hmmm

                                      welcome in fucking herald

                                        Since what mmr i pick io? THANKS

                                        Meia Vida

                                          I laugh hard when i read "Lich wont net you kills", man a good dual lane with lich, and lich will get all the kills

                                          I'M Back

                                            Cause in 2k they dont know how to counter meepo thats why its have a highest winrate


                                              ^ No that’s cause all 2K Meepos are Smurf’s and boosters.


                                                I am literally the first person to think this, but, I'm pretty sure <2k Meepos are smurfs and boosters you guys.

                                                You're welcome.

                                                Original toast.

                                                Brünk Hüll

                                                  @Meia Vida

                                                  Any hero in the right situation will 'net you kills' but on the whole Lich isn't one who is known for dominating the lane via kills. That's more CM or Shaman. He's definitely more on the Dazzle side of supporting, although not that far.


                                                    That's true reason. Finally someone understands it.


                                                      Brock the idea of you thinking Lich is anywhere similar to Dazzle explains why you're still low MMR.
                                                      Stop pretending you actually know or understand the game because everything you write is full of shit.
                                                      Lich is a lane dominator that does kill quite a bit. If you play lich like dazzle than you're playing em both wrong.


                                                        nah not all meepo in lower bracket is boosters, look at me. lol. went from 800->2000 mmr using meepo. but havent using it since I got destroyed at 2.5k playing meepo. welp my skill on meepo just enough to stomp <2k.


                                                          high win rate on meepo in lower bracket?, it is because of the smurfers sir 5.99% smurfers for sure... the data is not reliable source at that bracket.....


                                                            just believe in the hearth of the cards

                                                            PMA Gaming

                                                              Phoenix for the win

                                                              NOT PAUL

                                                                Phoenix for me is a great contender for the bracket of <2k since most players wont hit the egg even if it is just a level 1 egg wherein its the shittiest ultimate even if heroes are hit with fire spirits.

                                                                you have to be calm

                                                                  на крусадерах,я мипо спамлю)


                                                                    sven, invo and rubick <3


                                                                      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain the Meepo's high win rate in crusader and below is due to boosters and smurf accounts.


                                                                        after reading all the replies i'm now 100% sure that Meepo in Crusader and below is being played by experienced players.

                                                                        Лимонный Slam

                                                                          well, not only the boosters are playing Meepo. I take a lot of it on my MMP humiliate everyone.

                                                                          < Kuuhaku >

                                                                            The reason why meepo is stomping <2K players is bcuz you can literally kill everyone with just the net of meepo.. They literally panic when 2K players get net by meepo they keep trying to run.. Thats the real reason.. So dont justify by saying that all the people who plays meepo is booster or smurfs -.-


                                                                              Meepo has the 2nd highest win rate because he is the go-to pick for boosters and smurfs.

                                                                              Fried Cobra Stick [Loy]

                                                                                i believe the win rate for meepo is not only becos of the boosters.
                                                                                Do you guys think of this possibility instead? .... meepo is not a hero where pple can 'try out' for fun. you really need to know how to play. whereas other heros new players are willing to try out for fun, hence they lose becos they are not good with it. e.g. most players cant play sven, but sven looks easy enough so they try. hence only players who know how to meepo ever pick meepo, meepo ends up with a good win rate.

                                                                                Walang Talaga Tayo


                                                                                  Im 1,5k and always pick meepo for spaming. Meepo is ez hero if u can play it properly.

                                                                                  Just look at my profile.


                                                                                    The reason supports have a higher win rate in lower mmr is simply because those players aren’t taking resources away and aren’t fighting their team for resources in a game that rewards giving priority to certain roles rather than distributing equally.

                                                                                    That’s also why they have lower pick rates too. The biggest impact a support pick has on the game is what they don’t do rather than what they do.

                                                                                    UNRIVALED SUPER HOTTIE

                                                                                      There are no right heroes for low MMR bracket...its all about luck...if you are lucky you will get someone who can farm efficiently instead of 5 man h0m0 gank and only get 1 people...if you are not lucky you will get someone who always dive only to find some kill instead of pushing the lane and get their tower, rax, etc

                                                                                      In my mind

                                                                                        Meepo = reported

                                                                                        Soft carry

                                                                                          This guy Washed Up doesn't know what he is talking about, 4k games and a D for total matches? Let alone he is Archon 1 at the moment, what a disgrace. Never before have I seen a player live up to his namesake as much as this man.

                                                                                          傷の翼 || Scarwinged

                                                                                            you dont need to be good as meepo in lower bracket, because they dont know how to play against it.

                                                                                            Ferne Shell

                                                                                              I'm a crusader and (i'm not a Smurf), and i sometimes play meepo


                                                                                                More like which hero to ban for your mmr barcket.

                                                                                                Ali Pasha

                                                                                                  99% of comments are about meepo xD


                                                                                                    The last line👌👌👌