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    I'm first in everything


      wow only 1 comment ?
      who is this sunbhie ? a south korean player ? i forgot
      he sounds too salty imo, you can still prepare for an upcoming tourney tf is he talking about.. just not as long as it used to be

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        SunBhie is Team Secret coach)
        I also think that tight patch schedule is a major plus for tournaments. I miss the good old Wings who could play anything at a very high level. We need teams to strive to be like them

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        Lee Dogs

          @kawaiiSocks dude Sunbhie is not team Liquid coach

          EXDE #DreamOG

            @KawaiiSocks as i know, it is heen on liquid, and sunbhie at secret cmiiw. nice article btw

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              Team Secret's coach


                Pepehands, my favorite pinoy team eliminated by the hands of Fnatic. Can't be too upset though, Weeb boy needs some more w's under his belt. Hopefully Pain Gaming will do well. South America always feels like the weakest link, I'd love an underdog to get a rep for themselves.

                In other news,

                Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 34.18% win rate. This is unacceptable. It is our duty as fellow gamers of the DotA 2 community to put this item in the position of power it deserves. It has been there for us when we needed mana for reincarnation, when we had that clutch nyx stun saving our teammate's life, and when we accidentally used it in fountain before the runes even spawned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


                  please na'vi WIN

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                      What??? VGJ.Storm ??? maybe Thunder ???