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Yorak Hunt

    Up there kazaley

    Eat Soup With A Fork

      My personal favorite is Magic Ember, That blog probably is the reason why the build is fairly popular now XD

      dota 2 is moist

        Where's Aui_2000 now? former TI winner is just a pubstar now?


          Soon as i read CM as a qween, i lost my 10 Winstreak game with her


            Lo mejor fue de timado

            too strange to believe.

              SYKA SYKA SYKA SYKA


                Mané timado fio, aqui é HUEBR


                  Can you make a blog post about 7.07d please? :3


                    where is diox?


                      Can you make a review of this review?

                      The Artifact open beta just went live and our sister site Artibuff has been updated with card statistics to help you make the right choices in the draft.