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    First boyz...where s my potato?


      Second ???


        chicken my doood.

        Brock Hall

          Siltbreaker so far has been a real tough nut to crack for a couple reasons:

          1. Everything that hits you takes away half your life (or comes in groups of 30000)

          2. The fixed camera perspective causes misclicks as the targets move according to their movements AND your character's movements

          That being said, the mode is fun with a group and learning the little nuances like dodging hellbear claps makes each run a little easier.


            RIP Loder UncleNox


              6th hahaha


                at evening i start to really hate this mode , volwes swapns faster then u can really kill them ,


                  I really like these little Dota news posts that have been coming out. Keep it up!

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                    rest in bong rips

                      Poor Loda got Trump'd.


                        11st kappa

                        Merrky But Around A Lone ...


                          Merrky But Around A Lone ...

                            Aside from this patch breaking my dota forwhatever reason play button disappears and when its finaly back game keeps crashing, thanks siltbreaker for lit breaking my game,. Ill just hafta wait

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                                I think it's important to point out how imbalanced Artifacts can be... I just saw Moo from Complexity complete a record breaking run (2nd best of all time according to dotabuff) with only Vlad's and Phase boots and 4 Artifacts playing Abbadon... Now it's obvious the hero is quite popular for obvious reasons but the winrate really depends on your luck with the Artifacts...


                                  last patch they nerfed OG


                                    i cry when even games are only for bp users :(

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                                      pro librium

                                        best dota decision Lulda has taken in the last 3 years

                                        DP |

                                          after bulldog and s4 left i didn't know if alliance would be a team as they were all those years , then EGM got kicked "He is the problem " and now Load the iconic alliance face is taking and break and quits from being a player ... For me this is the too much