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The feature request we get the most here at Dotabuff has always been that people just want more statistics! Just about everyone craves detailed item builds (rather than just the end-of-match inventory), hero matchups (to see who killed who in a match), vision statistics, and minute by minute farm, gold and experience comparisons.

Today we are very excited to release the beta for a project we've been working on for a long time: TrueSight. TrueSight is our Dota 2 match analysis platform. It works by downloading replays for specific matches, extracting tons of useful data and presenting the results in a way that's helpful and easy to use.

The TrueSight beta is now live. We've already analyzed all of the matches from TI4. Matches that have been analyzed with TrueSight have additional tabs like "Kills", "Vision" and "Farm" - just click on a tab to see the details.

All tournament (Esports) matches are automatically analyzed, as well as any match with a verified player or Plus subscriber. For more details on the specifics, check out the TrueSight FAQ.

We hope you enjoy the additional statistics from events like The International 4. If you'd like TrueSight to analyze your personal matches, give Dotabuff Plus a try.

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Papi Chulo

    Nice job DB team :)

    Worst amongst the Best

      Soon. There will be an app for this.

      jerk mcgee

        Just noticed this on one of my games today and makes me super happy for supporting dotabuff. Great work guys.

        Tormented Demiurge

          Nice! Ever since I joined Dotabuff you guys have done nothing but provide useful information to improve my (well, everone's) gameplay, I'll be looking forward to this.
          Now that you mention requests sent to you, could you please provide a way to browse each blog entry by its name, instead of having to scroll all the way down and click a number or 'Next entry'? I feel it would be MUCH easier to look through them if it were possible to check them like
          "Post one's name
          Post two's name
          Post three's name
          Post four's name
          Post five's name"
          Than the current system, which more or less consists in
          Number list"
          I could (probably should) have explained myself better, but I hope the point gets through. I'm not asking to remove the current post show mode, just to add a listing feature so we Dotabuff users can browse them better!


            Any way to get information on matches with expired replays? I have them on my hard disk and could upload the files for processing.


              I have dotabuff plus, but i don't see true insight on my profile, how do i use it?

              The Conovan Prison Planet

                great stuff, now my gf will stalk even my all chat

                Этот комментарий был изменён

                  THIS. IS. EPIC.


                    @єz • Houdini not at this time. in addition to what I posted on the forums replays have changed over time. Older replays take a bit of work to support, or may be subject to a few more bugs. For now it's not something we support.


                      Does this only analyze matches that occurred after Truesight has launched? Any way to analyze friends matches I didn't play in?

                      Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                        Much better than "You know you want it".

                        Feeder Chan

                          How do I use the true sight on my games? It doesn't show up on my games.


                            Wow amazing

                            i guess ill have to join DB plus :)

                            ♛ peSte ♛

                              the eye has come even in my favorite game, really Illuminati?


                                Nice job DB.

                                Is there an easy way for you to split Hero Damage done? It would be interesting and useful to see e.g. the magic damage done vs the physical damage done in total, or even the damage done by ability vs right click? I think that would greatly help with item builds and general understanding of the heroes.


                                  i love it.

                                  this is what a plus upgrade is all about.


                                    Congrats, it's awesome

                                    TEKA$HI 69

                                      Wow guys, you continue to exceed our expectations. Wonderful news. Definitely getting a plus account now! Thanks for your hard work.


                                        nicely done, it is awesome <3

                                        Dumpster Tier All Star

                                          This is going to change my life for the better.

                                          worldwide suicide

                                            You may already have noticed, but there's a problem with AA's ulti behavior in the logs, i.e.:
                                            >18:04 Razor killed by Ember Spirit's Ice Blast

                                            That's because AA's ulti is what basically kills the target, but the kill itself belongs to the person who damaged the target to the hp threshold.


                                              If this is as accurate as MMR then no one gives a FUCKKKKK. Piece of shit MMR algorithm. Not accurate at all. And fix my God damn win rate it still says I'm under 50% yet i win more matches than i lose. Shit fucking website.

                                              worldwide suicide

                                                @ego death You abandoned 125 games, which also count as losses.


                                                  awesome. ^^

                                                  The Chosen One

                                                    Dotabuff pluss is to expensive for what it is worth for me. Maybe with some discount or such I'd pick up a long period.

                                                    Gay Animal

                                                      I SALUTE YOUR AWESOMENESS


                                                        seems not to work for my matches, although i'm dotabuff plus member


                                                          Thanks, guys. Next step is to auto-upload replays to a VOD service (youtube, twitch, etc.) for viewing access away from one's computer.


                                                            Hi I just signed up for dotabuff plus. Will my past matches all be analyzed retroactively with truesight? thanks :)


                                                              kinda nice, but only if you have plus


                                                                app, pls. thanx


                                                                  As a Plus subscriber, I absolutely LOVE this feature. Absolutely best feature! It shows so many good stats, such as the gold you're feeding/losing when you die (so you can improve your buying of items before death, etc).

                                                                  If possible, it would be amazing to see in the kill logs how much assist gold players are getting from each kill as well. Not sure if it's possible to get that, but it would be really good to see who is actually getting rewarded in each death.

                                                                  XP gained from each kill would be amazing, too, but I don't know if you have access to that.