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В этом мясеце мы добавили новый раздел - DotaBuff блог. Мы надеемся, что он Вам понравится, и будем стараться делать его лучше и интереснее. Если Вы что-то пропустили, то вот краткий обзор нашей деятельности за Январь:

Спасибо за Внимание.

При поддержке:

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I got new profile guys

    Keep it up!


      good luck!


        I like what you are doing


          wp dotabuff wp :D


            pictures still vanish at first mouse hover is it fixable?


              Make more blog posts
              Help a scrub like me to raise the skill level


                The blog posts are cool. I hope you will include a way to view my ability draft games soon.


                  Now just add Ability Draft to count towards are Real Matches, my win/loss ratio is different on Dotabuff from the client now.
                  Good work so far though.


                    Thanks a lot for the feedback. Concerning the Pictures disappearing - it is the first time in my life I've used html/css - will optimise it better next time))


                      Много много благодарностей за русский!


                        aw :( I think u add more post @kawaii hahaha


                          The next one is actually going to be from my colleague. So I had some time to develop professionally an make this page for easier navigation around the blog. ))

                          Всегда пожалуйста! Я постараюсь переводить все статьи на Русский в день релиза, а то как-то неудобно получается перед отечественным коммьюнити.)


                            Any chance we will be able to see MMR of non-private profiles in the future?


                              We are considering possible ways to make an option for showing/hiding the Ranked Solo/Party MMR.

                              Rational Criticism

                                Have read it all! Keep up the good work! :3