Custom Games we playBy KawaiiSocks
Custom Games we play

Initially this Blog Post was to be dedicated to finding a way for players to train some skills which will directly transition to actual Dota gameplay. This proved to be a rather difficult task - custom games are a lot of fun and can be a decent replacement for the main game for a while, but they do not offer a lot of knowledge and/or transferable skills which can be applied to core Dota.

That said, it is still worth giving them a try - whether you are a Dota veteran or a new player these games definitely have a lot to offer in terms of entertainment.

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6.85 Patch AnalysisBy KawaiiSocks
6.85 Patch Analysis

It has been a while since a major balance update and the slightly annoying meta of magic casters, quick bursts and extreme mobility might finally be coming to its end. Despite no new heroes being released, Dota should feel a lot fresher now and we can't wait to see how the changes are going to reflect on the trends. You can expect a pub Tier list follow up as soon as the dust settles, as well as other various meta-analysis Blog Posts.

Learn Dota 2: A guide for LoL playersBy Jason
Learn Dota 2: A guide for LoL players

Recently we’ve seen a surge of interest in Dota from people who play other games. Whether it’s due to The International or the new Reborn game client with custom games, the hype is definitely real. Our mission at Dotabuff is to help people learn and get better at Dota. As part of our renewed effort to help new players improve, today we’re launching a new micro-site that will help LoL players get started in Dota.

Winners of TI5's Western ShuffleBy eggs
Winners of TI5's Western Shuffle

For Dota pros, the stakes were either The International or nothing. This was the case, at least, for the past five years, where every tournament, every lan event, was in preparation for The International, whose prize pool and prestige eclipsed all other yearly achievements. Teams shuffled their rosters to prepare for TI, and post-TI, they shuffled again to prepare for next year’s event. Now, with Valve implementing a Major series—an additional three tournaments per year—teams will now have to maintain a more stable and consistent roster. This may be the last great shuffle the Dota scene will see.

A Glimpse into the Future: Arc WardenBy KawaiiSocks
A Glimpse into the Future: Arc Warden

In our latest Blog Post we have discussed the most probable addition to the Dota 2 hero roster - Abyssal Underlord. Yet, it is not everything we can be excited about - apart from Dota 2 Reborn coming out of beta and receving needed bug fixes, there is also another hero down the line - Arc Warden. There are many reasons to be more excited about Arc Warden than about Abyssal Underlord - his skillset will probably appeal to a larger crowd and he is not as one-dimensional. A preview of the hero was due and it will follow the same structure as the last time - we will briefly look at the abilities of the hero and will try to conclude his potential impact on the game and his viability in different roles.

A Glimpse into the Future: Abyssal UnderlordBy KawaiiSocks
A Glimpse into the Future: Abyssal Underlord

With post-TI5 drama slowly dying out we can finally concentrate on what is really important to us as players - game we have a love/hate relationship with and its future development. With the extensive coverage of all popular picks and general meta in our previous blog posts it is quite possible to make fairly accurate predictions about the imminent 6.85 and, as always, we will be doing a full analysis of the patch notes once they are released. Today, however, we have decided to talk about something far more exciting - a new hero which is expected to arrive some time soon - Abyssal Underlord.

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