Quo Vadis Dota 2 Major?By BOT Skim on
Quo Vadis Dota 2 Major?

We've talked to various personalities in the scene to grab impressions from the first Dota 2 Major and discuss what the Major system brings to the table, but also in what direction it needs to evolve.

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Frankfurt Major Hero Statistics RecapBy KawaiiSocks on
Frankfurt Major Hero Statistics Recap

With dust slowly settling down after what was an incredible event, it is time to commemorate the biggest tournament of the patch and look at it in more detail - especially with the new patch coming some time soon. 6.85b was one of the more balanced and diverse patches of late and it would be a shame not to study it in more detail as it is about to pass into history and Frankfurt Major makes for one hell of a study subject.

Frankfurt Major Playoffs - Day 5 & 6 RecapBy KawaiiSocks on
Frankfurt Major Playoffs - Day 5 & 6 Recap

The first major in history has come to an end and what a show it was! Historically, the last games between the top teams have been the most exciting and interesting ones and this tournament was no exception. Here is a day 5 and 6 recap for those who might have missed some of the best Dota since TI3.

Frankfurt Major Playoffs - Day 3 and 4 RecapBy eggs on
Frankfurt Major Playoffs - Day 3 and 4 Recap

Five more teams were eliminated in these past two days: Virtus.Pro, Alliance, Mineski, LGD, and CDEC. Meanwhile, the two favorites of the tournament, Secret and EG, have fought through the upper bracket finals. Some matches were one sided affairs, namely Alliance and Mineski’s losses in the lower bracket, while other games showed us some of the highest level of competitive play we’ve seen this tournament.

Frankfurt Major Playoffs - Day 1 & 2 RecapBy BOT Skim on
Frankfurt Major Group Stage RecapBy eggs and KawaiiSocks on
Frankfurt Major Group Stage Recap

With the group stages which ensure comfortable position in the main event it is unlikely that teams weren't trying their best. The stakes were not at an all-time high, yet we have already seen some of the most beautiful and interesting Dota. The group stage also came with several surprises and we feel it might be time to re-evaluate some of the teams based on the stats we currently have - it is obvious some "Dark Horse" teams came very prepared for the event while some of the favorites did not live up to the expectations.

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