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Dealing with SlarkBy KawaiiSocks on
Dealing with Slark

Slark is not necessarily an overpowered hero, yet he certainly feels like it at times. The hero has a multitude of extremely annoying abilities the opposing team has to deal with. Playing around these abilities is possible, but it gets increasingly difficult as the game progresses, and a dedicated Slark counterpick is often more than justified.

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Valve Introduces Seasonal MMRBy eggs on
Valve Introduces Seasonal MMR

Among the many new incentives that the Battle Pass offers, recalibrating your MMR has been a feature long requested. Valve's "The International Ranked Queue" is its first experiment into this territory, allowing you to keep your new, Season MMR or your normal Ranked MMR.

The TI Battle Pass and Everything You Need To Know About ItBy Skim on
Patch 6.87c Sets The Table For The Manila MajorBy eggs on
Elder Titan—Establishing Natural OrderBy KawaiiSocks on
Elder Titan—Establishing Natural Order

Dota is an extremely complex game, which provides a lot of space for theorycrafting. The interactions between spells are countless, and it is sometimes easy to get tricked into overthinking and overcomplicating, especially during the drafting stage. Elder Titan is among the biggest victims when it comes to these mistakes—drafts with the hero are generally a lot more elaborate and harder to utilize effectively.

Riki - Stealthily Sneaking Around the MetaBy Skim on
Riki - Stealthily Sneaking Around the Meta

For the longest time, Riki(maru) has been a pubstar in the most traditional sense. A carry, that can snowball through solo kills and usually requires teamwork and coordination to deal with. He used to be that hero, but not only has support life been improved over the years--with cheaper vision and detection, but also cheaper mobility items--Riki himself has changed a lot. Invisibility used to be his ultimate (“Riki is level 6 now, look out!”) but it seems like forever since it has been this way.

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