TI6 Invites - Favorites & PowerhousesBy Skim on
TI6 Invites - Favorites & Powerhouses

As The International 2016 approaches, it is time to look closer at the teams attending. After introducing the Wildcard Teams, we take a closer look at the invited teams. Six teams were invited this time around, the least amount of invites to any Valve event so far. As a result, it seemed quite difficult to narrow it down to the truly most deserving teams and discussions sparked, as they always do, when the list of invites was released. People argued whether Fnatic should've been invited over Na'Vi, though ultimately both deserved to be at the event.

So, who are the invited teams? What makes them so special, which players stand out and what playstyles can be expected from them?

Behind the Scenes at DotabuffBy Jason on
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6.88b Analysis - Timbersaw still alive and kickingBy Skim on
The Difficulty of Being A Dota FanBy eggs on
The Difficulty of Being A Dota Fan

Dota is barely nascent, only entering its sixth year of The International and coming off its first year of its Major circuit. Is there such a thing as a bandwagon fan? How loyal can Dota fans expect to be for such a limited time, and should it matter?

Introducing Esports Series, Team vs Team, and New Overwatch site; Overbuff and more!By Lawliepop on
Introducing Esports Series, Team vs Team, and New Overwatch site; Overbuff and more!

The excitement of The International gets closer every day. The anxiety among talent rises as they question if Valve will hire them or if they need to scramble to find work, just weeks before the event. Obviously, when it comes to analysing esports data, Dotabuff has a lot to improve on. We have decided to improve support for esports series and add functionality for team vs team comparisons. We are also excited to talk about the launch of our Overwatch website, Overbuff.

How To Deal With TurtlingBy KawaiiSocks on
How To Deal With Turtling

The introduction of comeback gold mechanics in the aftermath of TI4 have put turtling strategies back into the meta. For a period of time, the early game advantage was less of a game-deciding factor, with hard carries have reigning supreme. Despite being substantially smaller in scale, the comeback gold is still a part of Dota and turtling is a viable option. Identifying and dealing with it is a very necessary skill in the current metagame.

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