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4k dogs stop picking am in General Discussion
Gabagool over here



      if that happens they will be 2k


        im so happy that you made this post, now if my dog reads this post she wont pick am, its good that you took this crucial step to solving DotA 2, thank you.

        Died cause of lag

          a 4k dog telling other 4k dogs what to do.
          This is why we love dota.
          a bunch of people with no self-awareness =) =) =)


            really? i used to call 2k-3k-4k-5ks dog as a 2k-3k-4k-5k player
            im calling 6ks dog too nowadays. seems 7ks are dogs aswell. i think only dogs playing this game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


              woof woof


                I have a friend who hates playing with Anti-mage. He is Legend 1. I was quite suprised when I played with him and they had Zeus, Sky and Lich so it was a perfect Anti Mage game. We lost whole map control on 15 min mark.

                He played offlane. Anti Mage game requires basic understanding of the team what to do eg. making space, which turned out to be difficult. In other words, his playstyle was so poor that such people are DESPERATE in need of a carry player helping them in early clashes otherwise they just lose the game. They have no clue what creating space is and usually the result of it is dying solo.

                The reason for it is that the early to mid game is on your offlaners and midlaners shoulders. If you cant play your role properly then the easiest way is to blame AM pick just because he does not help that much.

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                  @Lex the thing is if you manage to play well and create enough space but he cant play/farm well with am you still lose the game.
                  Thats what pisses most people off i think.


                    the carries who pick pa/jugg regardless of laning situation is far worse


                      Jugg seems okish in most of the drafts. I dont know what is your point here. Pa is situational.

                      卍pudge king卍


                        Lord Flames of the End

                          Everybody should stop picking this retarded auto lose hero, ty


                            am isnt auto lose, however i can agree that its among the pool of carry player less enjoyable to support


                              I mean i got from 2k to 5k by mainly playing anti mage

                              Gabagool over here

                                if u are mainly playing anti mage and u know what the fuck u are doing it is okay that doesnt apply for 99% of the dudes who just pick am randomly


                                  If you are really manly, you make a smurf pick AM offlane and go 20/0 and at the end you type GG EZ.
                                  Warning : Dont try it on your main as you may get reported when u lose due to not being manly or good enough.


                                    70% of the time am is in my games he plays well but those 30% of games where am plays bad its a giga stomp always.


                                      In 7.25 i'd agree AM had 0 place in it, and you are just trolling if you pick it as the enemy will be knocking on your t3 by 20 mins due to a core that can't fight and when he's forced to he'll show up with 1k hp, a battlefury, and a yasha if your lucky.

                                      7.26c though i'm not so sure.. games are longer and it's much rarer for games to be ending >25 mins.


                                        Question is why not picking a fucking tb who do the same million times better than am?
                                        I dont know!!!


                                          Am can much more safely cut 2 separate lanes at the same time and be farming jungle in downtime than tb can, if enemies show up when playing tb you more often than not just die, meanwhile am can take aggressive farm and get away with it because you have retarded amounts of mobility with lvl 15 and 20 talent

                                          Also im way more comfortable on am than tb.

                                          But in the meantime tb can fight earlier than am and can literally solo rekt enemy team if he manages to get fat enough yes


                                            u can literally do all u said with illusions since game starts :/

                                            tb can jungle effieciently without needing bf after lvl 3, tb can cutwaves, tb can fight and hold high ground, tb can get early rosh
                                            more importantly tb is good against pl!!!

                                            I played with someone picked am after pango and shutdown the guy in lane, yes it worked very well but generally hero sucks ass against most of the drafts.

                                            How i feel when my tb loses lane and start jungling? A little sad but not giving up!! How i feel when my am get shit in lane? FARMING AMULET!


                                              tb doesn't do what am does, he is immobile turret, sometimes he can gun people down other time u see a tb who gets bursted constantly and then goes yasha bkb and still feeds, theyre just not even comparable they both are good in different scenarios. like tb can go jungle earlier, am can farm safer, tb hits different earlier timings, both heroes are also good vs like the opposite type of hero, am loves playing vs int magic damage heroes while tb dislikes playing vs high early magic burst heroes, tb likes playing vs high physical damage but am would rather not etc etc. i mean am is obviously situational but id argue that am in a perfect am game is just as strong as tb in a perfect tb game, and both heroes arent like so strong in the meta that u can always pick them, so in the end theyre both relative.

                                              Magician of Moonlight

                                                FWIW AM has like 53% winrate this week:

                                                TB is hovering around 47:


                                                  yes, i was away from rank environment for like 12 days, maybe meta changed cause of recent tournaments. but since 7.26 i have 70% winrate with tb and 46% with am as my teammates.
                                                  maybe i just dont know how to support am, i dont know. but that hero is dog shit to me and his increased winrate has no meaning to me more than the fact meepo the biggest counter to am, nerfed to shit.


                                                    Yeah I also don't know how to support AM.
                                                    Stacks don't help him get to bfury faster, if anything it hinders him.. and once he has it, those stacks are probably gone (and not that impactful, as he farms as fast without the stacks). Then with vision, with most cores i know exactly where they will be farming, AM though he could be anywhere so that's another thing I struggle with.
                                                    If he gets ganked, he either dies or gets to blink away, me tping in to assist will very rarely change this.

                                                    The only real thing you can do for him is pooling him regen till he can sustain himself so i'm in agreement that it is the hero I least enjoy supporting.


                                                      Exactly, the nature/design of hero is dogshit. It brings the 1v9 mentallity to the game in a bad and disgusting way. Like am players are actually disgusting. If it not works its team fault for not making space/losing lane. If it works the guy winning the game literally 1v9 and its true.
                                                      I remember recently i was playing a pos 3 bm, i had very good laning and game after winning a team fight i pinged on rosh every body come except one guy, AM!!! mentality of am players stinks.


                                                        I do think there may be a place still for AM in the competitive scene against very specific lineups and as a last pick.

                                                        Pub games though, as you can't last pick without seeing their last pick, you really are gambling.


                                                        This is the game which made the OP post this thread i assume, and as you can see AM and LC last picked, prior to the LC pick I would of said this was a perfect AM game but that one pick turned what could of been an amazing AM game into a 2/8 5k dmg position 1.

                                                        I appreciate that the player in this case wasn't just picking AM because he wanted to play that dual wielding anime character, but without being able to see their full lineup, there is just too much risk.

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