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Gaming for 25 years first forum post in General Discussion

    It's been said no doubt. But the new dota matchmaking is close to making me quit.

    Loss after loss after loss after loss after loss no matter.

    Mostly due to smurfing. Blatant. 10,150 commends but apparently a guardian? Sort your shit out. I'm not alone on this topic I know for sure. It's getting pretty old.

    That is all.

    Sir GueL™

      Well, you need to improve like the smurfer does.
      Smurfer was once a newbie.


        If you're worse than divine players you can't even be considered a human being


          ^ somehow agree with this guy, if you playing for years and you are still legend cant imagine how stupid you are. divines are trashes still you are not one of them !!!!


            I cant believe u guys are so idiotic and cancer . That guy is right . Some people just play dota for fun and hes one of them and what hes simply saying that smurfs are making game shitty . Totally agree .
            Bashing people who play dota for fun a big factor contributing to killing dota .


              ^most of them are too stupid to distinguish smurf from someone who has a good game.
              i played on their mmr (as pos5), 1 in 10 there is a smurf which ruining their game. if you wanna call every stomp game happened by a smurf im sry for you.
              stop supporting retards, tnx :)


                he already claimed some one is smurf because he has 10k commends and guardian medal !!!!!!! im not going further, if you are not noticed OP is 0 brain person, well this is the moment i can say minus IQ exists :axe_laugh: