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General DiscussionWhy do you Smurf/Boost and what can be done with it from the demand end?

Why do you Smurf/Boost and what can be done with it from the demand end? in General Discussion

    I was always smurfing becouse of behavior score. As soon as i calibrate account,i start to be very toxic/intolerate to 3ks and 4ks. I just cant keep my mouth shut. And as im going through 4k to 5k my behavior score drops to like 5k ,and the games become unplayable,and then i create new account and start all over again,and again,and again. My mental attitude prevents me from ranking up,i got tilted very easily and throw games on purpose,flame and blame very much. My peak was 5.5k . In last period i lost motivation totally,im playing now just pos 4-5 , and i got so bored seeing those 4k carries playing.
    Maybe one day ill change my attitude and actually hit that 6k + ,who knows


      @nidza im the same as you
      My peak is 6700 mmr,but i could've been much much higher if i was stable player
      I do all those things you mentioned,but im trying to stop,i realized im toxic and just projecting,it's not a good mindset.


        I made a smurf long ago when my main had ~3 years of LP due to lots of leaving on family demands. When that was rolled back and all timed LP was removed (and I started living on my own), I switched back and had no need to smurf again (I mean I'm in 3k, so nowhere to go lower to smurf).
        A friend of mine tho spent a long time boosting people for money, it was fun playing with him (he also ran a lot of scams fot steam acc hacking, like CS:GO "100% knife drop.exe"), but he now plays dota as a semi-professional, so he doesn't do it. A lot of people I know make smurfs to evade chat bans, as they are pos that like to throw games (almost all of them have an anime profpic and a variation of "dead inside" as their names, I wonder why?).
        Smurfing is ramrant in high MMR due to lots of brainlets with too much self-Esteem thinking that supporting is not for them and that "fun" means switching sad anime music on and hitting creeps for 30 mins every game or not looking at the warded map and constantly getting killed in mid. That makes it so you have to search for 20-30 minutes on pos 1-3 and mere seconds as 4 or 5. That's just a sad truth, as mmr gets high dota becomes a dick measuring contest with "pos 1 or feed" "mid or meepo" people thinking they are good at the game. The biggest reason for that was that solo mmr meant more than party and 1iq people thought that a TEAM GAME that has 2 TEAMS of 5 people was defined by solo mmr. Now that that is no more (best dota patch btw), it will change, but very slowly, I'm sure.

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          i do it for practice since it doesnt cost my mmr to do it (i made a 3,5 to 5k ish alrd)
          not just practising new heroes,practising the game too
          was really suck on the game after i quitted for like months

          heck,even ana do that io things on 3k bracket lmao and prob unrank

          lots pro players got smurfs too

          wats the deal with smurfs actually,if you want to rank higher just gotta beat the smurf,be manly
          its not like i dont meet them when i was 3k

          if its boosting well,for monies maybe

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            not every can be better. i mean only 10% can be the top 10% skill

            if people dont have time or are just slow learners they will suck forever and never stop getting dumpstered by smurfs. some people will always just be trash at dota and if there are smurfs they will ahve no chance

            r/dota2 is composed of the average dota players. the average dota player is bad bad bad and doesnt want to believe it, and theyre all buttmad about getting rekt and their shitty skills being unable to counter it

            Hatsune Miku

              low tier turbo games is fun, no tryhard just fun games with other people

              Jack Attack

                People always complain about smurfs but I literally never feel like I go against smurfs in my life. Are they always in my team?

                pop idle

                  Start playing Dota on october 2016, calibrated at 1100 mmr, drop to 880 mmr

                  Got bored climbing from the trench, made this acc in mid 2017

                  Got 2500 mmr, then trying to improve myself ever since, last season is 4400 mmr, pretty mediocre i must say

                  She`s Not here Right now

                    escaping long queues


                      Has anyones smurf with a decent behavior score got banned ?


                        escaping long queues

                        I don't believe there are enough high MMR players out there to make escaping long queues even the most popular category, yet alone that populous.

                        Take my whores to the hot...

                          Got a smurf with 10k behaviour and a smurf with 3k behaviour and both accounts still work because smurfs arent getting banned


                            Their solution is clearly to make it so instead of smurfs having 40 games in a bracket they have 15ish so it’s not “worth it”

                            reddit is just full of retards


                              For various reasons:
                              1. When i play with the type of friend that whenever i inviting to play together they goes like "No bro, i am noob" or "I cant keep up at the pace of the game" yeah the low self-esteem type eventho i am actually never blaming them for playing bad. So i try to calm them by "Relax, i'll play on my smurf"

                              2. When my friend explicitly said "Bro, go play at your smurf" mostly because they want to predict/wager/getting back the mmr their lose due to lose streak/"Bro, i almost reached ancient/legend/3k/4k" or something like that.

                              3. Simply because when i play on my main there goes "The mmr are too far apart" notification

                              4. Practicing new heroes

                              5. Got lose streak on my main or got some problem at life. Basically just finding some happiness


                                Wew u guys tell so many reasons , i almost never play at smurf except when i dont wanna lose mmr with noob friends

                                Good person

                                  I only support in my smurf except when I play with my stack parties and I also let to my team command me whenever they say something even though its not a good idea, I feel happy when my team feel happy about their decisions.

                                  I play in my smurf when I'm not in my condition to play at my current bracket or when I want to test new heroes

                                  Take my whores to the hot...

                                    Imagine being legend with 45% winrate and talking about smurfing

                                    Good person

                                      Ye sure bud, keep thinking that I play to win here


                                        My smurf addction is cured,i have put 6 accounts to be deleted,they will be all gone in about 15-20 days and i will be left with this account only as my main.
                                        Dont smurf,it's a waste of time,unless you are a 8k player.
                                        Wanna practice a hero ? Play unranked


                                          Ye sure bud, keep thinking that I play to win here

                                          OK, good job wasting 150 hours throwing games, loser

                                          Good person

                                            OK, good job wasting 150 hours throwing games, loser

                                            I'm not throwing though, I'm just blending in. I also don't have reason to rank up, why would I even want to rank up when I want to stay here and chat casually while boosting my teammates confindence?


                                              No need to be angry at each other, imaginary scenarios are also useful.


                                                So the current respondents amounted to:

                                                Facilitating playing with friends - 5
                                                Troubles in current rank - 3
                                                Trying to recalibrate higher - 3
                                                Low risk practice - 6
                                                Escaping liong queues - 5
                                                Stomping newbies is fun - 7
                                                Consequenceless toxicity - 3

                                                The expected "long queue" and "practicing" are right behind "stomping newbies is fun". Thx for the honesty on that one. It's not really enough of a sample size though. Also not enough data was gathered on thresholds for switching to smurfs and no one admitted to being boosted (unsurprisingly).

                                                Some extra data would be welcome though, in order to actually make any meaningful conclusions.