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General DiscussionDoes Dota2 Plus come from Dotabuff's Plus data?

Does Dota2 Plus come from Dotabuff's Plus data? in General Discussion

    The data seems like same. I known it's all come from game record. But the view of game perspective are very similar. But it's ture, builtin Game Client is giving end user more convenient. I'd like to see how Dotabuff continues improve their Plus dashboard. :)

    Jacky Mao's Son

      It would make sense since dotabuff data comes straight from the in game profiles of people that use the site, so the data will be the same.


        Dota plus is way more accurate that dotabuff plus.


          Dotabuff relies on the dota api which is data made available by steam. Sometimes the api has issues like downtime or delays. since dota assistant is real-time i imagine it skips the api step and gets info straight from the game. So not exactly the same source but should be nearly the same data.

          Disclaimer: I’m not db staff, just a humble mod and this is just the impression I have.