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Any Fortnite players here? in General Discussion
Wiz Khalifa - Maan

    @ Title : Any of you moved to playing fortnite as it is the happening game right now or playing fortnite along with Dota from some time?


      I've been playing CSGO a lot lately. Past few months it was PUBG but shit gets boring when getting killed by someone who had 0 kills all game and gets in the top 10. Dota is like number 3 inbetween those two. I'm washed up but I wanna get back in the game due to battle cups being back.

      Fortnite looks fun but I played PUBG first, I just prefer PUBG even though Fortnite runs better and is a nice flavor of touch.

      I also need to play more Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Ball Fighter Z more but I'm too lazy lol.

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        F OMEGALUL R T N I T E

        Sir htc vive

          Iv been trying it out a bit for VR. seems nice

          Wiz Khalifa - Maan

            I'm surprised so little people play fortnite. Its literally the top 1 game right now!




                fortnite??? oh you mean f2p pubg


                  fartnite is dying btw


                    fortnite is just a bad imitation of any minecraft gun mod lol


                      I play Fortnite along with Dota. I've played PUBG before I tried Fortnite and I have to say Pubg is bland and stale and just boring compared to fortnite, which is fast paced and also has way more interesting features(building and impulse grenades etc). The developers are doing a good job of keeping the game updated too

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