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Mid or wk woods

    Hello guys, as u already know u should make a 100 matchmade game to unlock ranked.

    I want to know what is max mmr after this.

    It was 3500 MMR (legend 2) after 25 matchmade games.

    If u have played ranked after 100 matchmade (in this patch) just post here.

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      its same.

      Story Time

        please Valve make the new cap for 1 mmr, 3.5k mmr is TOO MUCH!


          so the same even after 100games ? you still get max 3.5k mmr ? anyone has tried this yet ?


            yeah i saw 1 acc and same shit high skill after first ranked game.

            Story Time

              if they change the cap it will only go down


                it cant go lower this is still silly cuz u go from vhs to hs ... which is fucking ridiculous.


                  yes 3.5 still. have made multiple accounts. nothing has changed ever since march of 2017. Goodluck !


                    Maximum you can get uncalibrated is 3.5, it's been said many times
                    Grab a smurf that you used to have a bigger MMR and just calibrate that one for a bigger mmr.


                      no limitation, a friend of mine created a smurf to test that out and calibrated at 6200

                      apparently the behaviour changed with the reset

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                        3500 max dude dont listen to anyone i already make a foruma bout that. but it doesnt mean u will get that after 100 games you need to play good


                          @マテリス Can you provide any data to back it up? Thanks in advance.


                            Wtf that divine player in less than 500 matches

                            ЭТО ГГ

                              max is 3.5k? or not?


                                hes trolling dude dont assume you'll just get hurt 😂

                                キリト (Dexter)

                                  Let's see I'll try it
                                  I was 6k I sold my account, now if there's no cap I would at least get 3.5k above if it doesn't then this is bs

                                  Mid or wk woods

                                    Okay, post here dfotabuff link ok?

                                    Mid or wk woods

                                      can anybody explane me wtf is this if max is 3500 ?

                                      Potato Marshal

                                        ^ because he obviously played more games than shown because:

                                        1. his very first match on db is already vhs
                                        2. that match dates back to over 2 years ago


                                          What are matchmade games ? Some1 explain please


                                            @ potato Marshal

                                            I don't think it matters man. His first ranked match was played 3 days ago - meaning he had no ranked matches before he started calibration.

                                            There's a chance cap's removed.


                                              What are matchmade games ? Normal games ?

                                              Brethen in Yehoshua

                                                i calbrated ancient 2. pls make new accouint and waste your time


                                                  well its good if cap already removed then. it was the thing that make many pply quit playing


                                                    just check this guy :
                                                    so he played 100 games in turbo mode.then he goes to rank.
                                                    1st game : vhs and played with divine players.
                                                    2nd game : hs and played with legends player
                                                    so max mmr for new accounts is still 3.5k guys.but you need 100 games !
                                                    so pls stop asking about this

                                                    but u said dota was fun :(

                                                      What's your mmr, @qwerty(mid)? The drop from vhs to hs started when you played ranked. Was it, 3500?


                                                        @Sunday check this accont.i played 100 turbo games.i played arc and kunkka in 10 rank games and i had +700 gpm xpm in all of them.first game i played with +6k players and got vhs then go hs and legend players.after 10 games i got 3500 mmr and gurdian 5 !!!! my main is 6.7

                                                        Potato Marshal

                                                          Link to your 6.7k main's db?


                                                            @Potato Marshal im a persian player here it is :
                                                            guys i got legend 2 now it must be some kind of bug idk ! gurdian 5 and next game legend 2 ! wtf doto

                                                            but u said dota was fun :(

                                                              Anyone here played the normal game? Not the turbo? I think that has something to do with it. But if not, dome fucked up ranking system we have. What's the numerical mmr of the guardian 5? Sad lyf.

                                                              Amanda shafira

                                                                Welll DUDE STOP ASKIN i mean the cap is 3.5 wether u play on turbo or normall okk... just make ur acc to leg 2 and wait to calibrate again on next season


                                                                  I have played 100 games.. Still can't play rank... Help plz


                                                                    hey Batman..same prob here..wat did u do to play rank games after 100 games???


                                                                      play one more game

                                                                      rutherfordium zinc

                                                                        Hey guys can I get ur opinion on what medal I might end up on?


                                                                          legend 2


                                                                            Herald 0

                                                                            rutherfordium zinc

                                                                              Thanks @sense

                                                                              Code Red

                                                                                Hi guys,
                                                                                I already have 100 matches but the Ranked match is not yet available ?


                                                                                  try 101


                                                                                    Better quit dota


                                                                                      what medal I might end up on?




                                                                                          hey guys, i'll try to test this 1st 100 games and calibrate my MMR on this account.
                                                                                          i've meet DIVINE RANK, TOP 2000+, 1000+ and some 400+ in every matches. and i have meet PRO Player before, his Official Nickname is Luk 火 DIVINE TOP 23 :
                                                                                          But i checked on DB i think he doesnt use DB acc.

                                                                                          So lets see how much MMR i can got after 100 games.


                                                                                            @b1scuit bro i played against og.ana ember mid (i lost like shit ofc :D) but after 100 games you go rank first game is like 5-6k avrg and 2nd game you go play with legend players and you get 3.5k max no matter how good you are.


                                                                                              hi guys can u help me i have good kda.. and predict mmr in opendota and other site was 3.7k and 3.8k. y im at normal skill bracket..? can anyone answer me t.y.?

                                                                                              but u said dota was fun :(

                                                                                                3.5 k mmr gap. Just done with my second game. Drop from vhs to hs, from ancient 2-5 to legend 2-4. Dunno if losing was a big factor but there was definitely a drop. For all those asking. THERE IS A CAP.

                                                                                                but u said dota was fun :(

                                                                                                  The good thing is that if you try normal game, you will still match up with vhs bracket, sometimes divine. As for ranked. Yep, 3.5k mmr. Not done yet but will finish the reamaining games today. :)