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General DiscussionDoes there exist a reliable SF hybrid magic/physical build?

Does there exist a reliable SF hybrid magic/physical build? in General Discussion
Big Chungus

    One which gives him a little of everything of what he needs

    Attack speed

    I fee like listing more is too much to ask cause he already has a lot of damage, I was thinking sny can fit somewhere in this cause it checks a lot of needs already.


      but you will probably lose

      unless you mean aquila treads drums into eul blink

      Rubick Fanboy

        I mean you can go euls into other items I think, or fit aghs and/or eblade into a right click build


          Dendi's build is pretty decent if for that. He usually goes Treads -> Drums -> Blink -> Bkb -> E-Blade/Hex/Shiva

          Your mobility is pretty good with Blink and the movement speed from drums and the lvl 15 talent as well as the bonus movement speed you get since you're an agi hero.

          With Eblade+Drums your rightclick isn't that significant in the fights but at least you're less garbage at taking buildings than the scepter/octarine sf

          Blink+Hex provide you with setup and they're amazing with 40% Cooldown reduction at lvl 25

          Its hard to be tanky as an sf unless you have AC+Satanic but BKB protects you from stuns and magic damage and if you feel like you have problems with physical damage just get a shiva

          Aquila+Drums+Clarities+Raindrops are enough to sustain your mana early/mid game later on you shouldnt really have any mana problems once you get your Hex


            aghs does both - better ult, more rightclick dmg
            imo you can go for euls, take the raze dmg talent and transition into a rightclicker from there

            神 の 殺 人 者

              i mean treads aquila drums blink/sb agh eblade is already a hybrid build, and its pretty straightforward too. you probably get bkb and bloodthorn after it and no problem.

              Palmen aus Plastik

                well CTY does this - takes spell amp and raze damage talent along with damage per soul talent. Goes aquil, drums, treads, sny, bkb, bloodthorne. Thats like a 60-40 physical/magical hybrid methinks.

                神 の 殺 人 者

                  if your build is hybrid or utility is in the end largely decided by your lvl25 talent btw.

                  or if you go lvl 20 evasion+butterfly, which is also a build.

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                  Rubick Fanboy

                    Everyone takes magic dmg talents, the only different talent is ur lvl 25.


                      as a note aghs with the extra damage per soul talent is a 60 damage item with not horrible stats for a decent price.

                      Big Chungus

                        I feel the CDR is really good compared to souls in most cases

                        神 の 殺 人 者

                          theres no reason to buy physical damage items if you build cdr lmao


                            Hybrid would be if you go aghs which only happens in sea pubs. Euls blink aghs refresher and throw in a butterfly for the right clicks

                            Steve Trevor

                              U can do whatever u want brother. I mean, look at his bullshit talent

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                                Shit hero

                                Rubick Fanboy