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General Discussionwhy do people spam osfrog when od is picked

why do people spam osfrog when od is picked in General Discussion

    he had abysmal winrates last tournaments, and he's not even that cancerous

    im not wearing a shirt

      he used to be

      TN_Rmili #Get_Me_Out_Of_Here

        the first time they made his rework the int steal was broken 1 hit from orb and od gets 999999999999999int..... its balanced now tho...

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          Because it's not fun to play against a hero that deals 30000 pure dmg every hit

          TN_Rmili #Get_Me_Out_Of_Here

            ^and to make it worst he gets even stronger with every hit......


              he gets even worse than a creep if u bkb
              also not as cancerous without bkb as invoker and he can be useful against it too


                Od can wait out bkb with blink and astral and shit, and once they become 5 to 6 sec he is back to becoming a god. Blink + hex + hit 3 times = dead lol


                  od is nothing with blademail and shadow blade


                    sure he'll just kill himself if you BM


                      good 6.86 flashbacks

                      all role player

                        ^ u mean nightmare????
                        OD + omni OMG its time to throw

                        Let Me Commit Suicide

                          6.86 my PTSD . + Omni to more tilt

                          Kenny Dope

                            Nyx became my 2nd most played hero largely due to that OD 6.86 shit


                              6.86 ah damn


                                Cause OSfrog indirectly means something is OP (overpowered), inbalanced, very strong when comparing it to the rest of the game. When OD is picked, community has opinion that it is very strong, inbalanced thus they spam OSfrog to confirm, mock and parody it. You can close the thread since I explained it.